Wednesday, 2 May 2018

It was really weird.

The moment he started touching me in the darkness of my room, I was confused as hell and scared my heart would jump out of its place in my body.

Was it possible that Raymond was touching me? Was he high? Oh my God! I couldn’t believe it!

Raymond was the ‘straightest’ guy I could think of. Rumor had it that anytime the catholic prayers were to be held in the quadrangle of the girls’ hostel, girls spent endless hour trying to look good to get his attention. He didn’t try too hard at all; the girls just fell like leaves in winter.

Friday, 27 April 2018

What's the best way to break up with someone you "love" ?

There isn't.
It's just that simple. There's no easy way through it. No matter how soft and smooth you want it to go, you will still break something. Possibly damn a soul. That's the catch.

What's the best way to break up with someone you "don't love"?

If you don't love, you are simply not breaking anything. You're just walking out of something that's been clingy on your life unnecessarily. But, for the record- this still can suck. Infact can be super messy. cause' in your head you might be thinking you ain't breaking anything not considering the other end (upcoming Ex) might have something tender n fragile you might eventually super-ds'  (damage, destroy, demolish, destruct) cos he/she love you endlessly.

Breaking up with someone when the feeling is "mutual"

This is so so sweet. You don't need much sweat for it. No arrangement or rehearse for ditty poems. Just call it off. Anyhow; Blow, Kick, Stab, Hang, Smash..Anyhow! Anywhere! Nothing is breaking and nothing has to break, you should obviously not expect any cry or over-conc. emotional wreck. Just a sigh... A feeling of relief "Finally... I'm free" cos its hurray for both parties.
It's just disappointing that such break ups don't get to have the "happily ever after" thing. Y'll might hate each other afterwards. Please who cares? I'm done and free. That's all that matters.

Okay, I think we are quite done with "who deserve what and the intensiveness of break up " part of the story.

Now can we talk about the koko;

"breaking it up and not letting it hurt"..

Concisely, in person, and with no ambiguity. This is so not me - The easy breaking thing is so not my style but for the fact that I care about you the tender heart, I just had to pull this off for you cause' I know you need it.
I know this is some kind of big dilemma for you, it's very normal. Esp. when you've spent so much time with the person and that makes you feel attached to the person. but it won't be for them, it will just be like a usual embarrassing grade in a maths test and they'd be like Shit happens! or it'd  probably seem like a horrible car crash from the moment it starts until they're over you - Both, depending on how you approach the situation.
So, I intentionally put this together - my 4- Super Methods to break it up all off and still do Netflix and chills together in future. These are just the perfect ointment to knead the hearty damage.

Attention Please:

Firstly, make sure feelings are not attached. Don't pity what their life will become when you leave and ignore your want and need for a better relationship. Remember the need for the slash, those experience you ain't cool with, those missing values, remember the essence of happiness in your life, Remember the importance of a responsible partner in your life and take the decision (if you see it necessary) cos the world has gone beyond killing yourself to satisfy somebody when there's The Infinity War and Rampage to die for.
Here we go:


It's a painful, awkward, crappy moment. Don't take your time, don't worry about telling them everything you think and feel. All that really matters is how they feels. Now, they're going to need a reason, and its going to be credible and consistent with why you're breaking up with someone. Whatever your actual reason is, you need to explain it with this in mind; This is just my opinion, but I would never tell someone that I found someone else even if that were true, unless the truth of it were unavoidable. That's just about one of the most painful things to hear. And I've found that's mostly not true anyway. People don't find other people, they look for other people. Those are the reasons its ending.

In person:

if you try to do this over the phone or through DM or something the other person is just going to embark on a quest to see you as quickly as possible. The same feeling of dread that made you want to do this over text to begin with is going to haunt you to go to the ends of the earth to avoid seeing her, and that may or may not even be possible. I've seen this charade a hundred times and its horrible and pathetic but can be easily avoided. Stand in front of them and look them in the face when you do this. Rehearse it before hand so you can get it right.

No Ambiguity.

You're not going to be friends after, not if you care about how quickly your upcoming ex (or you) recovers from this. You're not going to go in for break-up sex. You need to tell her it's over, talk about logistics (maybe some clothes, personal belongings need to be exchanged) and leave. I once planned this so she was with her friends at the time so when she went back in they were able to comfort her. That doesn't always work smooth if she's the one with the crazy Lagos girlfriends. But I make sure not to leave questions. Straight and edgy is the arrow. It might feels heartless but it actually for the best cos clingy won't really help in the long run. Best way is to take charge and make it quick and clear that we were breaking up andwere no longer dating in any capacity, and that yoi aren't going to be seeing each other socially at all. Done. If she calls because she forgot she needs something or whatever, great, i handle it.

No self pity.

Also, you are not actually making him happy. No one can make them (Ex) happy but themselves nor are you keeping them alive. No one can make them believe life is worth living except themselves. If you are all the companionship and support they had, it's because they'd decided not to have other companionship and support. So not only are not obligated to sacrifice your own happiness for your partners happiness, you can't sacrifice your happiness for his happiness. It's not possible.


If you can't give this person what they want, or they don't give you what you need, you need to break up with them now because that is the most generous thing you can do for them.

Help them now by letting them go to regroup and figure out who they can be and who they want to be with.  Don't string them along for the sake of sympathy.  Sympathy makes for a horrible relationship.

This is obviously the time for nice-nice cute-cute. Enjoy all the fun while it last but guess what, the day for cruel-cruel make-the-playboy-cry is almost here. Just chill for it.
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"Break up and not bet hurt.

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Love ya!ūüíĖūüíĖ

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

The glorious doggy style- we named it our miracle.

My face down to my pricky nipple were wholly glued to the bed. Knees were pierced against the bed sheet exposing my bare dick hungry puna right to his face. I was Naked, Drunk and Prepared for the moment.
My hands were just busy making me happy- my favorite two fingers on the left hand were busy sending sparks and softly greasing my clitoris. It's always sweet ectasy. That's the way I like it.

Monday, 23 April 2018

"When you are destined for success, see no village people is strong enough to overshaddow it...."

With less than some months after winning elite model look nigeria Stephen blaise Aladenika who is an international model and recording artiste popularly know as “Em blaize” has released a new single titled “Vibe”.
“Vibe” produced by Stephkeys literally is a ‘banging’ song. It is a song that will effortlessly make its way to the dance floor.

Em Blaize and Spirit mix brought their ‘A games’ into the studio and the synergy is quite audible.
During the interview with our media, He told us how he plans to burst our head with vibe-filled packaged visuals which will soon be ready on various online channels for download; 
 “this trending audio visuals will be shot and released soon. I can’t wait to share it with you all.
When I said this is the #Uplifted season, I meant it.''
This song along side other singles by Em Blaize will go live on ITunes and other digital platforms 2018 while fans can purchase the physical copy on the streets and record stores from may 5th 2018
Listen & Download “Emblaize – Vibe” below:-

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Fourth date, maybe fifth and we are all over each other in the back sit having it hot and fingering fingering all the way. (i can remember vividly how the old man driving us was peeping and licking tongue like cobra snake (*roll eyes*)) it was in a ride back to her place. We had “done the do” a few times before already but it still felt like the first time still - you know what I mean? Love was still shacking us like pami then.

Saturday, 6 January 2018

What more can make life disgusting than having a girlfriend with bad breath? Oh lawd have your way!
Just like that one time drama when i met this Orente (short and gorgeous lady) at ICM, Ikeja. i couldn't hold back the vibe pushing me to meet her.
'Hey beautiful'
I said with full confidence. like that guy that advertised for NIVEA roll-on...

Monday, 1 January 2018

His mouth was on mine before I even saw him. I was completely enveloped by his hands and his tongue and my dress was pulled up to my waist before I regained consciousness about what was happening. I was sitting on the edge of his desk and he had stopped kissing and touching me to pull m thong down with both hands. The next instant he had slipped a few fingers inside me while he used his other hand to pull my hair back and expose my bare neck to his mouth... 

Instantly, I could tell what glory the night holds
"The best night ever... The best of the year displayed right on his desk"#

My boss is obviously the hottest in town. Well, my type of hot; the way his eyes light up when he smiles and the way he bits his lips when he's nervous. He's overall charisma,  (his awesomeness print in his skinny pants)the sight always cut through my heart and spread the heat through my body.

But why won't he look at me? (that I thought at first, never knew Boss's been staring) and to burst your brain, he's the most un-social person I've ever come across. It's just office and home for him. That's his whole life.

I had been looking forward to the office Christmas party for a different reason than all of my boring coworkers: I was trying to sleep with my boss and I knew the alcohol combined with an excuse for me to wear something tight was the perfect background for it to finally happen. Tried stalking him home several times but it never worked. When i saw memo for the end of the year party. I could vividly see my dream of shagging my boss finally coming true.
My gut told me he felt the same way about me.

I was young enough to not care about the fact that it’s probably really stupid to try to seduce your job. My job wasn’t that great, it’s not something I couldn’t do anywhere else in town. I was bored and this was exciting. There was a heat to it I didn’t feel like passing up. So I decided the End Of The Year party was it.

The day before the party I got up the nerve to email him in the afternoon and ask the dress code for the party. He replied with whatever the standard line was about cocktail attire before I really pressed him, “what I meant was, how short of a dress should I wear?”

He didn’t respond for the rest of the work day, which drove me a little crazy. I thought maybe I had been mistaken about his feelings and tried deciphering the way he looked when he walked past my desk, but he was stoic as ever. I thought maybe I looked like a silly, hopeful little girl, so I switched to just ignoring him.

I was already in bed that night when I got a text from an unknown number: “Knee-length. Professional. But I want to see a sheer thong on you when I take it off.”

It was him. I didn’t know the number but I knew him.

A delicious feeling of victory and anticipation washed over me. This was happening. Thongs weren’t really my thing, but that could be arranged easily enough. I also had some black thigh highs that I never wore because they were a pain, but that I always thought looked particularly sexy while undressing. Those and a black dress that flattered me but was modest enough for my coworkers would do the trick.

Emboldened by his response, I sent him a message back detailing the thigh high component of the outfit.

“This is a good visual. Will you be able to keep quiet while I fuck you in the office?”

I was nervous to text more then and ruin what promised to be the most exciting night of the year, so I just sent back a short “you’ll see.”

The next day at work was torture. I was so turned on by his message and the detailed fantasy that was now playing out in my head that I couldn’t focus on anything else. The anticipation was making my physically uncomfortable. By the time I went home to shower and change I was extremely keyed up.

The party was held in the cafeteria of our office building. It sounds kind of depressing but they’d bought a lot of nice decorations and it was dark except for the twinkling Christmas lights everywhere, so it really did look kind of romantic and festive.

I was maybe the most nervous I’ve ever been, but excited enough that the nerves didn’t matter. His words had been clear, he was looking forward to this as much as I was and knowing his nature, he was going to take the lead anyway.

I made sure to go early. I needed to be a few cocktails deep to calm my nerves. When he arrived I was buzzed enough to be bold. I brought him a drink and wished him a good Christmas in front of a group of our coworkers. Everyone was cheerful and happy to blow off some steam, no one bothered to noticed the way I tried to be a little seductive when I said it or that I managed to turn around and make sure my ass made full contact with his crotch as I cut through the group to walk away.

I wasn’t surprised that he followed me so I kept on walking through the party and back up to his office. He shut the door behind me.

His mouth was on mine before I even saw him. I was completely enveloped by his hands and his tongue and my dress was pulled up to my waist before I regained consciousness about what was happening. I was sitting on the edge of his desk and he had stopped kissing and touching me to pull m thong down with both hands. The next instant he had slipped a few fingers inside me while he used his other hand to pull my hair back and expose my bare neck to his mouth.


I wasn’t even sure what I was begging him for, but he knew. He guided my arms to the waistband of his suit pants and I was undoing them. So that I could push them down and release his cock. He was hard and his cock was perfectly thick but I didn’t pause to savor the moment.

I scooted to the edge of the desk so he could enter me immediately. His weight was on me and he was thrusting hard. I moaned a bit before I got a hold of himself and he covered my mouth tightly with one of his hands. The slight taste of him in my mouth while pushing me close to the edge. I pulled his hand down slightly so that I could suck on his fingers while he fucked me. It kept me quiet and gave me something to focus on and his immediate groan told me he loved it.

His other hand was around my thigh, holding me close while I tried to keep them tight around his waist. He was the loud one now, grunting a bit which each thrust. His hands began to clench and he finished inside me with a satisfying series of manly moans. I felt completely satisfied with my plan to be the catalyst for such a primal expression of lust.

He removed himself from me and zipped himself up while I pushed my dress down and tried to straighten the wrinkles out that had formed in the last few minutes. As we moved towards the door I saw him stop to pick up my thong and place it into his pocket. He ushered me out of the door and into the low lights of the party without saying a word — until I felt my phone buzz a few minutes later and saw a text:

“My Secretary is getting fired tomorrow, I hope you won't mind taking her place?"

Just the best way to end the year. Isn't?

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Thursday, 27 April 2017

You see, I told you something isn't right!

 Popular Sade/Orente crooner and 5star graphic designer, Adekunle Gold appears to have bid the YBNL record label farewell following the rumored feud between him and YBNL boss Olamide.
 A recent check on Adekunle Gold ‘s Instagram page shows that he has deleted all Olamide’s pictures which an evidence of a developing grudge between them.

Though, Adekunle Gold’s contract with YBNL expired in December 2016 and it appears that the higher institution graduate who has enjoyed a meteoric rise in the music industry is not interested in renewing his contract.
Unconfirmed reports have it that Adekunle Gold is only concerned about signing a management deal with the YBNL leadership just like his counterpart, Lil Kesh.

There is no word from both parties concerning the circulating rumours yet. Adekunle Gold joined YBNL as a fifth music act in March, 2015.

As at that time, the label had other artistes named Viktoh, Lil Kesh, Chinko Ekun, and Xino Kuti.
After many years of brushing and editing her photos, a photographer has caught 36-year-old reality television star, Kim Kardashian in bikini at a Mexican beach – but it is not all that savoury.
Busting out of a skimpy bikini, Kim’s body confidence was clear as she sashayed along the sand with her pals. But, the photos are far from the near perfect ones we normally see on magazines and on social media which are highly edited to make her appear all-round perfect.
According to Dailymail, her Instagram feed and blog share a highly stylised selection of curated shots of the mother-of-two posing for the camera.

“Oh my….does she know how ghastly she looks if so she must be mortified by these unflattering photos. Where’s airbrushing and photoshop when you need it most.” someone wrote.

Another person added: “Oh christ, those bum implants look horrendous, they look deformed! Kourtney on the other hand looks fabulous (as always)!”

“Her backside looks like it belongs to the elephant man. She must regret what shes done surely??” another added.
“Just threw up in my mouth!” someone else wrote.
“I genuinely gasped when I saw that picture, that is SHOCKING!” another added. People have been left really shocked by the latest photos.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Trouble in paradise!  Seems YBNL Nation Boss
Olamide and his label super mega star, Adekunle Gold are about to part ways. Just recently we noticed that Adekunle Gold has deleted all Olamide’s pictures on his page on Instagram.
We noticed all YBNL Nation acts have posted olamide’s new song “Love No Go die” artwork on their page since yesterday but Adekunle Gold didn’t think of posting the artwork. what could have happened? definitely there’s beef  in the system.
You can all keep your hands crossed om this one.
The Aproko talent in me won't rest until i get all the details and update/gist right to your eyes.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Bisola speaks
We are all aware of all the romance drama and complications Bisola got herself hooked on while in the house. Especially her controversial romance with ThinTallTony which garnered mixed reactions on Social media, with fans and followers condemning  her mum abut her frolicking with the tall housemate.

You may think you’re the most amazing boyfriend yet in the history of boyfriends  but wait.. Does your partner agree with that? Does she even see the A in you not to mention the M-A-Z-I-N-G??  and you are there hyping yourself! Lolz (sorry is your name).

There’s a good chance your partner may have a long list of things that you could do to improve the way you treat them or the way you communicate. Yeah, you may not want to hear from your partner ways you could be a better boyfriend. I totally get!. That kind of stunt is quite embarrassing and degrading. Sure you recognize certain qualities in yourself that make your partner drunk in love with you and other crazy qualities that may be hard to handle, annoying, crazy or even breakup-worthy. 

Some types of boyfriends the type that no girl wants but can't seem to avoid. And some are the type that every girl wants... Atleast just pass one night with..*wink*
Which type of boyfriend are you?
Ready to discover the truth?


This are the guyz that doesn't treat his girlfriend the way she deserves to be treated and tends to go after girls with low self-confidence because, honestly, he couldn't get any other girls.
He does many things to her including some or all of the below:
Cheating - He does it over and over knowing she will take him back.
Lying - He hasn't told her the truth in their whole relationship!!
Abusing - Either mentally or physically making her feel bad and sad.
Using - He uses her for what she can offer him and almost expects it in a way.
Not Meeting Her Needs - He doesn't pay attention to her needs, likes, or wants, both inside the bedroom and outside...she doesn't get any of that from him because he doesn't care enough to learn how to provide for her needs.
This type of boyfriend is the lowest of all boyfriends, and if you are this guy then you need to understand that she will eventually get her guardian angle soon enough and dump your sorry ass! Fuck boy!


Image result for 2 baba
Popularly known as BABA FOR THE GIRLS!
This boyfriend does well when it comes to getting women pregnant; ladies who have never had children would be blessed once he touches them. It is all about touching lives really.
You would have to worry about finding a remedy for his lustful desires if not ladies would keep dumping babies at your doorstep every nine months.


It's just impossible to satisfy this guys. No matter how hard you try, you will never be enough for him.
He would always talk about his need for a woman in his life. Even while you are trying to be the ideal woman for him, he would croon about new qualities he hopes to see in a woman and how depressed he is about finding that one woman.
There is nothing you do to please this boyfriend..


It is risky having a boyfriend like this; he makes you feel comfortable with him that you start having the prospect of marriage with him. He would cater to your needs and assume responsibility for you; people around would tag you as his wife but he would never pop the question. (will you marry me?.. Tah!! He will never ask)
You may end up dating him for eleven years and never know the way forward. He may put a ring on your finger at some point and turn you to "lord in the ring".(jenifa's diary English thing. Lolz!) spoil your business in town... Bad market  Lol


Image result for jim iyke
This boyfriend may have moments of sweetness, but overall he’s thought of as a jerk. Your partner’s friends may hate you, and your mean comments may lead to giant fights, but you just don’t care. If you find yourself stiffing the waitress, insulting those around you, or making your partner cry regularly, you may have jerk boyfriend tendencies. The jerk typically tries to control his partner by putting them down, being manipulative, or just yelling until he gets his way. It’s time to stop being a jerk. Intentionally make an effort to put your partner and those around you first, and you’ll notice a giant difference in the way you treat others.


Also known as the bore or the clinger, the nice guy comes across as the perfect, doting boyfriend. You surprise your partner with flowers, always let him or her pick the movie, and spend time with his or her friends and family. While the nice guy may truly be a nice guy, this sort of boyfriend tends to cling on to relationships to the extent that they lose their own life, passions, and personality to become someone their partner likes.
This sort of boyfriend can get boring fast and is typically thought to have no backbone or personality. While it’s great to be a nice guy, make sure that you don’t get into a relationship where you take on the role of a pushover. Take time for yourself, and spend time with your friends. Not only will it make your partner respect you, but you’ll feel better about your self too.


Image result for timi dakolo and wife
He is every girl’s dream; he is attractive and has a trail of ladies chasing him. Despite this, he is focused and does not fool around with other girls. He may flaunt you occasionally as his bae but that is all that there is about it... His type is super rare.. If you have one, you better hold on tight!! (Snatchers are real oo).


He has 4890 friends on Facebook 4800 are girls. 10 million followers on Instagram where he get 7 million likes for each photo . He's weekly DM is like Facebook notifications when you don't log in for 5 years!
Having a social boyfriend means you are not the only one dating him. He is like a community boyfriend with uses that extend to every tom, dick and harry.
He is quick to lend support to a damsel in distress; he could be useful to everyone in the community except you. When you complain about him, everyone thinks you are being too demanding as he is perfect for you already.


Image result for alex ekubo
This boyfriend is well loved by every woman in the society; it would take extra effort trying to hold him down as he is seen as a commercially valuable entity. He has prospects when it comes to engaging women and they sure have a good time around him.


People around feel he has a girlfriend but no one knows who she is. He would never put you up on his dp as his girlfriend and would never take an incriminating selfie with you. He is too coded to be caught off guard when it comes to women. He has the potential to be a player because no one knows his affairs yet he is highly respected. He avoids scandals and has a good profile.



amvc type!

At first, The guy seems like he has all the qualities you’d want in a guy. Smart. Handsome. Cute. Sweet. Sexy n Hot. AMVC Award–winning... He will seem like everything!! Then you find out he has one bad habit that you just can’t stand, and it’s all over.


busy body!!!
He’s the guy who’s all classy, charming, presentable, cute, and... Here we go again.. He's totally  cocky and smoldering!.
Unfortunately, The busy body guy loses his allure as soon as you realize that he’s more interested in touring with The Boss n takes his office as the best suite in the world to  pass the night. Rather than working on your relationship.


friend zone.
The is the friend who becomes something more. And for a while, it’s really fun. He’s the one you look back on and can’t quite remember why it didn’t work out. You think about calling him up every now and then, but always talk yourself out of it. For a while, you might even forget about him. Then all of a sudden, “P- SQUARE” will start screaming loud on the radio, you’ll hear that bass line, P- square is back again!!! and oops! it’ll all come rushing back.



Friday, 31 March 2017

Displaying real Babaloja.jpg

Its RECESSION period and you and your family deserve to be happy this Easter, no matter what. However, this dream of making this Easter a memorable one can be threatened if;
Rice is still 12,000
Bag of beans= 20,000
Tomatoes =10, 000
Chicken =10,000 for 5kg
What if I told you Babaloja is ready to give you 20% DISCOUNTon each product purchased this Easter?  The rice you normally buy for N12000 will be slashed down to N9600, the basket of tomatoes which is N10,000, will also be slashed down to an unbelievably low price.
You also stand a chance to WIN A SURPRISE PACKAGE on purchases worth N10,000 and above.
Grab your phone or PC now and log on to while the promo lasts!

Believe me; you don't want to miss this rare opportunity!!
                                       Tell Friends! Tell Foes!! Tell Everybody!!!




Displaying IMG-20170211-WA0004.jpg

Monday, 13 March 2017

Image result for the wedding party

 Just weeks after the crew and cast of the record breaking movie celebrated their N500 million profit, Pirated versions have started selling for N500 in Lagos, N400 in Benin, N300 in Abuja and Port Harcourt, and the cheapest price goes for N200 in Warri, Delta State. It is also available for illegal streaming and downloading on Facebook and earlier on Youtube which reached over 200k views before it got flagged off for copyright and taken down.

Image result for the wedding party

That’s over 200,000 people that would have paid the #1,000 ticket price to watch it at the cinemas which would have earned the producers an extra N200 million.

Due to the volume of funds lost to these dubious means the producers have made plans to take the movie to NETFLIX and then put original CDs out for sale.
 Former Big Brother Naija housemate, Soma, has announced that he will be joining the cast of Funke Akindele’s popular sitcom, Jenifa’s Diary.

According to him, the actress has offered him the role of Kiki’s boyfriend in the series.

If you remember this, sure you know SOMA well enough!
Kiki is played by Ugwu Lota Chukwu.

Aside being that cute dude, hunk and hot on the outside, every girl dreams of as a boyfriend, There is one hidden prospect they crave for...  Hot Romance!
You just have to have this! Seriously no girl wanna waste time with a guy that still stuck in the past (ages of the mummy and daddy style) or (the 5-minute later he starts shaking like an electrified cat type of guy).

On the bed, it's not just one girl you are dealing with at that moment. You know what I mean? Nah you don't! Lol !. ( I mean if you with one girl, that's automatically two.. If you with two, that equal to four! .etc.)

According to GIZIK HIDDEN EROTIC FACT: which state that in a girl lies another cute- pink-in the inside girl!   which means girl within a girl!.
All the real girl want is love n care blah blah blah... Buh the southern miss clitoris between the real girl legs careless of all this affections or what you look like on the outside...even if you look like OBJ, she doesn't care!! All that matters to her is the big meat inside your pant! She like it big, fat, long, curvy, big-cap even monster size! She doesn't mind she just wanna feel good, feel lucky... Feel wild!

Right now, let get down to business... Let's talk about the right ways to use this big meat and satisfy a horny bae! If asked to name every sex position you know.You probably listed the usual best sex position suspects—missionary, cowgirl, spooning, doggy...
Gizik have a few extra for you though. Well, more than a few—10, to be exact—ways to make sex better.

Note: We're not saying you have to try all 10 sex positions. Not in the same night, anyway.
Just add these moves to your sex position playbook, so you're ready when the time comes.



a.k.a. Head Rush

Benefits: The blood will rush to your other head, too.

Move to the edge of the bed and lie back with your head and shoulders on the floor as she straddles you. The blood will rush to your head creating mind-blowing sensations upon orgasm.



a.k.a. Woman On Top

Benefits: Puts her in control. Great for G-spot stimulation and her orgasm.

Woman-on-top is one of the best sex positions because it allows for a variety of interesting sights and sensations, and offers her the psychological advantage of taking charge of pace and depth of penetration.

Bonus: Now try this: Lie chest to chest, with her stretching her legs out on top of your legs. She should brace her feet on the tops of yours and push off to create a rocking motion that will rub her vulva and clitorial area against your pubic bone for greater pleasure. ****** Ooops as sweet as this can be, it can also be most dangerous risk of your life! CLICK HERE TO SEE****



a.k.a. Rodeo Drive, Half Way Around the World



a.k.a. Step Lively

Benefits: Good hand holds for her, and you don't have to wait until reaching the bedroom.



a.k.a. The Lap Dance

Benefits: Allows for face-to-face intimacy; cozy for long sessions.

Sit on a chair or the edge of the bed. She then faces you, wraps her arms around your back, climbs on top, and sits on your lap. Once in the saddle, she can can ride up and down on your penis by pressing with her legs or knees. Want to go faster? Assist by grabbing her buttocks and lifting and bouncing.



a.k.a. Lazy Girl

Benefits: The ultimate sex position for oral on the go, use this to get her in the mood and help her cut loose

Have your partner sit on a chair with her legs wide open. You take it from there. This is a good sex position for either beginning the slow build-up with loose, broad, strokes, or ending with strong suction.



a.k.a. The Shoulder Holder, The Anvil

Benefits: Allows deep penetration and targeting the G-spot

She lies on her back. You kneel between her legs and raise them, resting her calves over your shoulders. Rock her in a side-to-side and up-and-down motion to bring the head and shaft of your penis in direct contact with the front wall of her vagina.



a.k.a. The Bicycle

Benefits: You can enjoy the view of your penis thrusting.

Stand at the edge of a bed or desk while she lies back and raises her legs to her chest. Her knees are bent as if she's doing a "bicycling" exercise.



a.k.a. Wheelbarrow At Rest



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