Sunday, 14 January 2018

My Worst Sex Ever!

Fourth date, maybe fifth and we are all over each other in the back sit having it hot and fingering fingering all the way. (i can remember vividly how the old man driving us was peeping and licking tongue like cobra snake (*roll eyes*)) it was in a ride back to her place. We had “done the do” a few times before already but it still felt like the first time still - you know what I mean? Love was still shacking us like pami then.

Anyway it really was like in the movies as hair flows in the air, her back glued to the door-my hands in pants and her legs tied around my waist, wet lips clasps on each other, clothes are removed, piece by piece, from the apartment front door all the way to her bedroom. We are just so into it.

The last of the clothing comes off in the bedroom and we both fall on to the bed as easy as possible, still kissing and holding each other and hands moving everywhere as we fall on to her bed. It was a serious smooching.

Still kissing me, almost interlocked like the twist in her hair she reaches behind and opens her bedside draw and hands me a tube. She and I both assume it's lubricant (it was last time). Still kissing and touching each other passionately and desperate to “get inside already”, I open the tube and squeeze some on to my fingers. All the while still kissing her.

Now pause for a second......
(Then I got this weird feeling.. Something didn't feel right. Got this unusual spark of numerous thought in my head... It was all at the same time and in an instant like the speed of flash.

...Something is not right...
...This doesn't smell right...
...Will you just stop and look at the tube?
...This doesn't feel right.....
...Smells like deep heat....
...Nah, let's get this party started...
...It is deep heat....

I put some on me and some on her and then inserted.

Guys... Look!.. I. cannot. begin. to. explain. just. how. painful. the. next. 7. million. freaking. years. were.

It felt like 7 million years!

The tube she gave me was deep heat.(excessively heat rub ointment/cream for massaging and stimulating muscular aches and strains). I was in excruciating pain. She was literally screaming in pain. But I don't care (I do but I just can't.. Not at the moment). My dick was in a vice made of scorching hot. I swear i could see the smoke. Like there's a volcano was implanted   in the inside and it was ready to erupt. You cannot even imagine the pain. It hurt inside almost the entire length but really really bad at the head, my yummy red cap. Burning like hot larva. I can't begin to imagine what it’s like for her.

She was in a terrible state. I was half watching her, half dying trying to wash this crap off me. Tears running down my face. It just kept burning and burning. She crawled into the shower and turned on the water and tried scrapping it out with her fingers. She even poured milk up there at one point and ice cubes. She even soaked a cloth in palm oil, twisted it up and inserted that, later crawled her way to the standing fan in the room- dragged it close and centered it directly to her pussy. She was so out to it at the end she was just crying but like whimpering.

It was terrible and it just kept burning. But it did ease eventually. I don't remember the time frame exactly but at least an hour. But I really don't know cause' if felt like forever.

Fortunately for me she blames herself for all of it. She is an athlete and uses deep heat all the time and gave me the wrong tube.

Worst sex ever

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